At First Glass we strive to make our mark out there and in the last decade the industry has moved on in many ways. There are high demands for various specifications both necessary and aesthetic. With all the new legislation regulations all buildings and extension work will require that the materials used are subject to testing and must conform to the set standards in all aspects including safety, security ,thermal value.

The stock material we work from is an architectural product which is used in all aspects of glazing from internal screens to window and curtain wall glazing, wrapping buildings and creating the features of improved light, comfort and to be visually complimentary to its surroundings. Glass can do all this and more. The main characteristics of this product are its versatility and durability as it can take the form of body tinted for solar control to laminated and toughened for safety and security.

With the latest advances in soft-coated glass and laminated\toughened glass we have access to endless choices of products whether it is for more light, higher insulation, improvement in acoustic ratings or the visual look of the glass .

It can also offer safety when it comes to Fire with the peace of mind that the systems used involving our Pyroguard fire resisting glass could save lives. Other uses are as balustrades, glass office partitions, commercial or domestic door glass, walk on glass, glass steps. We also involve ourselves in the fit-out and furniture market with glass, producing shelves, table tops, mirrors and back painted glass for cladding and for kitchen areas.

Bearing all these characteristics in mind we do have to respect the fact that this product is not unbreakable in any form but the industry has striven to use it and improve it, as its vast amount of uses make it a fairly indispensable material when it comes to glazing products. In fact in the last 20 years it is safe to say that buildings at all levels incorporate more glass than ever as architects strive to allow as much light as possible into rooms and make use of all the additions that can be incorporated into the material.

But we always need to be vigilant in specifying  and detailing a product to the point that it is absolutely fit for purpose. This is where we can come in with our expert advice and opinion on any project you are undertaking. It is vital that the correct risk assessment is carried out by a reputable company. The various standards are what we abide to with the same aim as our client and that is to hope to help them achieve the vision they have.

We at First Glass are absolutely committed to backing up our clients at all stages and would not dismiss any safety/security issues should they arise. We work within all tolerances and all standards acceptable in the industry and appreciate you understand this.

First Glass stand by their product and offer full warranty on it should you need to call upon it. We stand by our back up service and are open to any further discussions should you wish so.

It would be our pleasure to discuss any requirement you may have.